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March 23, 2021

And so it begins…. Again

Listening to: Another Way Around by Luca Fogale

After a long hiatus from blogging, I’ve recently felt the bitter bite of lacking a project or a theme to drive my creativity. Recent times have certainly been tough for igniting the creative spark that use to drive my days. The last few months have just been an endless succession of work-eat-sleep, only softened by weekend walks and long talks with my other (best) half.

Recently, situation got even worse with tons of pressure at the work front, leaving very little time to myself… and my body and mind recently screamed stop!.

I’ve been spending the last four days going through a much needed home renovation (more than anything throwing un-needed/un-wanted stuff away) and trying to start with a clean slate, one more time. I got all my photography workflow simplified and ready. I even installed Xcode and started working on some needed updates for my last app project (a macOS app custom made for my needs to simplify generating playlists for my Sony Walkman)

I’ll be trying to stay close to this little corner for a while, posting photographs, random thoughts, little sparks of creativity that I hope this will help to achieve.

Welcome to my (new) place and thanks for walking along with me!

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